P.O.E. (Power Over Everything)

MC Ron G

Looking for a sound that is both inspirational and motivating? Well this album is perfect for you. Combining the art of Rap, the spirit of Worship, and the joy of Praise. The music of this album is designed to bridge the gap between the young and the old.

Born in Rochester NY on 02/16/89 was the blessed young man that now goes by the name MC Ron G: The Roc City Hero. I was given the stage name MC Ron G by my good friend and Brother Jeremy J-Loc Hendrix. While rapping for the world there always seemed to be something missing, yet when I gave My life to the Lord the Vision began to be realized. God blessed me with the means to start the record label Vision Productions, and record timeless music with unlimited ideas provided by Jesus that will continue to motivate God's People. "God Blessed me with this vision, I gave him a list, now I'm Magnifying Christ Ron opening new Gifts" MC Ron G

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